Saturday, 7 June 2014

Culture and Media Project Winners

Last Wednesday the 4th of June we gathered to give the prizes for the Culture and Media Projects that students have been doing during this course.

The winners of the two categories were:

Culture Projects:
-2nd Prize: Álvaro Serrano, Borja Barquero, Carlos Vicedo and Kiko Avilés for the model of Tower Bridge. They got a study kit for studying English.
-1st Prize: We had two winners sharing the First Prize.
Ismael Miró for the model of the Australian Football Stadium and Mª Soledad Sánchez for the model of Sherlock Holmes's house in London.
Both got a 25€ gift card to spend in shops in Ibi.

Media Projects:
-2nd Prize: Roberto Pérez, Roberto Perona and Alexis Sánchez from 1st of Bachillerato for the video "The Robbery".
They got a study kit for studying, USB memory included.

-1st Prize: Andrea Iruela, Silvia Català, Mª José Urrutia, Mónica Salazar and Miriam Rozas from 4th of ESO for the video "The Avengers".
The girls got a 50€ gift card to buy whatever they want in shops in Ibi.

The voting was really difficult to do as all projects were very well made and we know they took a great deal of effort and time to carry out.

Congratulations to all students!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Visit to Dicar

Last 28th May, the students from 2nd year ESO from Practical English visited DICAR with their teacher Irene. Dicar is a wafer and ice-cream cone manufacturer in Ibi. They were welcolmed by an English teacher from the company and she led the visit, giving all the explanations in English. It was a very nice experience. At the end of the visit, they were given a nice present: three boxes of wafers and ice cream cones!.-)