Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Theatre in English: The Prince and the Servants.

Yesterday morning, Monday 12th of May, the students from Practical English in 2nd of ESO went to Casa de la Cultura in Ibi to perform the play "The Prince and the Servants" and to record it on video.
The students did very well and the performance was a success as they had been working hard in the lessons.
Congratulations to you all!! You have a brilliant future on stage!!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Visit from primary students.

Last Thursday, 8th of May 2014, the students from the 6th grade in Primary Education from the school Felicidad Bernabéu came to visit La Foia where they will be students next course.
They visited the classrooms, playgrounds, gym and saw the expositions, and the students and teachers at La Foia also told them about the subjects that they will be able to choose and study next course.
Our students from Practical English in 1st of ESO explained to the Felicidad Bernabéu students what they do in this subject.
They explained the different activities, projects and tasks that you can do if you choose the subject and they also showed some of these examples to their friends in Primary.
Very well done!

Semana de puertas abiertas

Last week, there was an "open door week" in our High School, when a lot of different acitivities were done. The students in La Foia offered their English culture projects to make a nice welcome stand for visitors in the main hall.
Visitors could see how creative and artistic our students are!! Congratulations again.