Wednesday, 2 April 2014


     Last Thursday, 27th February, 2º, 3º and 4º of ESO went to London to have a good time and visit a lot of interesting monuments and museums.
     The people there were very polite and kind, but they spoke very fast and it was quite difficult to understand.
     In London we learned the meaning of a lot of monuments and pictures, it was so interesting!
     At the New Linden Hotel we had a tsty breakfast like toasts, milk, orange juice... and the rooms were also very big and comfortable. They were very beautiful!
     Near the hotel, we bought a lot of souvenirs. They were very cheap and we also took a lot of photographs in the Big Ben, London Eye, trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace...
Finally, thanks to the teachers Emma, Irene and Rafa for taking us to London. THANK YOU! We want to go back to London again !!

Mónica Salazar Berzosa. 4ª PEV

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